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Understand Sanctification

Knowing where to start is a common question. What I believe to be important is to understand what sanctification means. Here is how I think about my walk and sanctification. You must commit to a process and position in your life.

Read, Listen, and understand the Gospel, Contemplate, Pray, Repent, Apply and Grow, then Repeat. 

Do this all with Jesus and assume you may fail at any step.

If you and when you do, be honest about failing and start again.

Your sanctification over time will include a daily commitment to

humbling yourself to this committed position. 

The Position you have taken up is an apprentice.

An apprentice to Jesus!

Sanctification is process and a position.

- David Petersons 

Possessed by God

Christian discipling isn’t so much the work of experts and technocrats; to borrow the old phrase, it’s the work of one beggar pointing another beggar to bread.

- The Gospel Coalition

When you feel “stuck,” when you feel like you are continually rehearsing the same struggles, remember this: sanctification is not an endless, repetitive circle. It is a growing spiral in which each round penetrates more deeply into our identity as fallen, but redeemed, image-bearers of God. Spiritual growth can be a long, slow process—with one step backward for every two steps forward—but as you trust in Christ, God will complete the work he has begun in you (Phil. 1:6). Remember: your spiral is not a circle!

- The Gospel Goalition.


Tim Keller discussing Sanctification with John Piper. 


Good News
for the Christian

Ligon Duncan teaches from the book of Romans on the Holy Spirit’s ongoing work in the Christian life to conform us into the image of Jesus.

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