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Signs of a Healthy Church

If you are a new believer or seeking to deepen your understanding, knowing that a church building is not the sole solution to fellowship is essential. Your connection with Him, irrespective of a physical structure, is paramount. He desires a personal relationship with you. Beware of succumbing to the allure of "check-box Christianity," which is more about what you do and how often you attend rather than your continuous growth in your relationship with Him. This idea can be challenging for young Christians who crave a safe, loving, and respectful community. However, many churches have become institutionalized structures where success is measured by execution and appearance rather than genuine transformations of people who have a deep relationship with Him. Thus, it may take some effort to locate a group of believers committed to an authentic relationship with Him rather than an organization. It is easy to fall into the trap of idolizing the church organization, pastor, process, or leadership structure rather than His presence in our lives. I have struggled with this at times.

He desires a deep relationship with us, not just our Sunday attendance. Ultimately, the Church is His Bride, but we must be vigilant against those who idolize the institution of the church over Him. One way to detect this is through the leadership's absence of humility and repentance.

What to Consider for a Healthy Church

When entering a church for fellowship, keep your eyes open and avoid viewing things through rose-colored glasses. Acknowledging that the church comprises imperfect individuals who face challenges like you is crucial. Seek out leaders who openly admit this and demonstrate humility in their actions. Sourding yourself with self-aware people who can admit their weaknesses are key Christ-like characteristics to look for when seeking fellowship.

Being part of a community is more than just attending a nearby church and following its procedures. It requires time, transparency, and discernment for sanctification and meaningful relationships with others. Remember to embrace the journey and be prepared to encounter several forks in the road along the way.

Healthy qualities express themselves differently

Every Church will have it's weaknesses


Respond in Worship


Demonstrate a spirit of generosity


Outward Focused


Committed to God's Word


Invested in fellowship


Prioritize prayer

Find your healthy church. 

(Or maybe you're in one now)

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